We are thrilled to have you as part of our community of backgammon players. Backgammon Connect is a next-gen app built to connect users around the world through cross-platform, real 3D, play anytime backgammon.



Covering the Basics

The board

Our board uses a beautiful 3D model with real 3D dice! Move chips as you would on a regular board, with helpful indicators of each available move. Your opponent will see your moves in real-time as you make them, and then once you confirm your moves it’s their turn!

The dice

Backgammon Connect uses fully 3D dice that bounce and roll as you would expect from a real set. Our virtual dice have no manipulation so you can be confident that you and your opponent are getting truly random rolls on every turn. Plus, you have the option to either use the roll button or drag and swipe your dice in any direction you please if you’re feeling lucky!

How to win

Beat your opponent and win a match point by being the first player to bear off all of your chips once they are in your home board. Each match is played to 15 points against your opponent. Or, you can use the doubling cube to raise the stakes if you feel confident in your board setup, and that will help you get to the match win sooner! 


The best part of backgammon is confounding your opponent with your amazing strategy and timely rolls. With Backgammon Connect, gameplay is asynchronous and stored on our servers, so you can play a few rolls whenever you have time. Keep playing again and again to test out different strategies, best your opponent, and gain the ultimate bragging rights!

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Backgammon Connect is designed to work on both iOS and Android, so you can challenge any of your friends regardless of the phone they are using. Download today, and share with all of your backgammon loving friends and family!



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